It Starts

Today at 12:01 am the 2017 Northwood Farms Horsemanship Challenge began.  It’s a challenge I’ve participated in several times and have posted about on this blog.

This year I was unusually excited to begin the challenge.  So excited, in fact, that I decided to stay up WAY past my bedtime and at midnight take the walk from my house to the barn, catch my pony, saddle him up and take our first ride of the 12 weeks.


The weather has been out of character for NC the past couple of days.  It snowed Friday and  Saturday and at the time of my ride the temp was 19 degrees.  In spite of this, Tucker was awesome.  He acted like he goes for rides in the middle of the night in the freezing cold dark with a snow covered ground all the time.

I did it out of novelty more than anything, just to say I could, but the ride was way more lovely and actually lots more fun than I thought it would be. Once out there in the brisk cold with the snow brightening the night by reflecting any available light, it was peaceful as most the world slept, a new kind of experience for us and I loved it.


Many props to my hubby who braved the cold for a few to snap some shots of us for The Challenge Facebook page.

I’m excited about The Challenge and I’m looking forward to the next 12 weeks.

9 thoughts on “It Starts

  1. Omg you are hard core!

    I have ridden at night and love it but I hate being out anything below 20 anymore and we are way more used to the cold I think than you!

    I hate being cold the most! I can even do soaking wet as long As it’s not also cold.

    Good on you- I think you are and endurance rider at heart!

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