The Ride After The Fall

My plan leaving work was to come home and put some time on my boy and work towards our challenge rides/hours.  When I got home, however, I really wanted to ride Freckles.  I wanted to know how she felt about me after our Sunday fall.  I wanted to know how I felt about her.  So I picked her first.

It was a nice ride and she didn’t pull any of the shenanigans she did on Sunday.  She hit some thresholds in the pasture, but was willing to work with me through them and mostly importantly, she was safe to ride.

Version 2

She was not, however, the same ride I left off with in September.  Her responsiveness was gone, she was not as light, she was tense and bracey at the trot.  It makes complete sense since I have not been on her in months.  She has spent some time on the trails, but hasn’t had high expectations placed on her.  It made me sad and really miss our days of softening, communicating, partnering together.

In fact, I was actually sad I hadn’t picked her for the challenge.  We got so much accomplished in that 21 hours that I can only imagine what we could do in almost twice that.

I was very very sad…that is UNTIL…I tacked up Tucker and took another challenge ride.

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