Week #2

Holy Cow!!!  We are in week number 2 of the horsemanship challenge and Tucker and I are already at 10 rides and 13 hours.  We’ve done this for several years, but we have never been this far ahead of the game this early in the challenge before.


We have had several things working in our favor this year.  Unseasonably warm January weather has made getting in the saddle pretty easy.  I also had a Winter camping trip the first full weekend of the challenge which proved to be a huge boost in our rides/hours.  Several of my friends are doing the challenge this year with me, which means we have had lots of motivated people to get out and ride with.


It has been so super fun.  The missing piece for me this year is that I am not really focusing on the goals I had set for the challenge.  I usually use this time as a break from the trails.  A time to reconnect with our ground skills, slow things down, sharpen our communication.  My goals at the beginning of the 12 weeks were yields, suppleness and leads.  Now,  with a good chunk into the challenge we haven’t really played with any of that stuff at all.

There is still LOTS of time left in the challenge so I feel confident we will get to it.  BUT if the weather stays warm and the trails keep calling, I will have no choice but to answer.


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