Week #6

Tomorrow ends week 6 of the 12 week horsemanship challenge and since I seem to have created a pattern of bi-weekly postings ( week #2 & week #4 ) on our progress…here you go.

Trail Time With The Hubby

We are still going strong getting our hours and our rides in.  As of right now I have 23 rides and 31 hours.  I suspect I will ride tonight and I’m heading to the trails in the morning so we should finish up the first half of the challenge in a very solid position to hit the numbers.

Hill Work

We are still working on our goals which you can find detailed in THIS post and we have still been spending time on the trails.  These past couple weeks we have also peppered in some new stuff too.  We’ve added footfall placements where I am using poles to get really specific about placing his feet.  Which foot he should raise, lower and where he should put it in relation to the pole.  I’m enjoying this and finding these exercises really get him mentally tuned into me and I’m loving the refined level of communication it is requiring.

Footfall Placement

We rode by the light of the full moon.  That was super fun!  It was a virtual “group” ride in which several members of the challenge went out on an agreed upon time to “howl at the moon”.  I loved reading everyone’s post about this particular event.  People had such unique and individual experiences.

Moonlight Ride

Most recently have added in some “roping” skills.  The first time we played with it I rode him around and just got him used to it.  The noise the rope made, the feel of it when it touched him, the thump it made when I hit a fence board, mounting block or pole with it.  The second time we did it, I actually threw it and lassoed our barrels so that I could pull them over and drag them.  My horse is a true Saint.  My skills leave much to be desired and I’m a total mess when it comes to actually getting the loop over something.  Sweet Tucker just waited it out as I threw and threw and threw, hit him in the neck and came off balance all in my attempts to “get” that barrel.  I’m certain at one point he was like “Please, just let me go push it over for you”!



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