The “Sub-Challenge”

Tucker holds a special place in my heart.  I love to ride him.  Which of course becomes a feedback loop.  I ride him more, he gets better, we develop refined communication and he’s more fun to ride.  So on and so forth until I look up and realize months have gone by and I haven’t been on Baby Girl.


So now that I have wrapped up the challenge I have decided to devote some time to Freckles.  I have grown to really love riding her but I have only so much energy, desire and hours in a day.


I’ve challenged myself to give her 7 rides and 10 hours between now and the official end of the challenge (4/1).  I struggled with the number…what would be achievable and challenging, not too easy, not impossible.  I decided this was it given that I have ZERO intention of putting Tucker out to pasture while she and I complete these.

Here’s to you Baby Girl.


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