Jack of All Trades

Sometimes:  He Is a “Cow Pony”

About a week ago A Horse For Elinor wrote a post asking “What Makes Your Site Different?”  It’s a question I’ve rolled around my brain for several days.  What does make this site different?  Why would people read this blog?  What do we have to offer that others don’t?

Sometimes: He Is A “Mountain Climbing Pony”

In reflecting on her post I’ve gradually come to my answer.

Sometimes: He Is A “Beach Pony”

I never started this blog as a way to reach hundreds or even tens of readers.  I started writing because I wanted to journal my experiences…for me.  Bite size pieces of the things I’ve done, the places I’ve been and what I have seen.  Naturally because horses are what I “do” the most of.  This blog has evolved into a horse blog.

Sometimes: He Is An “Archery Pony”

BUT what makes it different you ask?  Well I’ve given you a clue in the last paragraph.  It’s the experiences.  My horsemanship revolves around the motto: “jack of all trades and master of none”, which IMO is exactly what makes us different.  My horse is incredibly varied and well rounded in the things we have tried and the riding adventures we’ve had.  We don’t excel at any one thing but we are not afraid to try lots of new things.

Sometimes:  He Is A “Classical Dressage Pony”

When I look at other horse blogs they are specific to a discipline.  I read about event riders, trail riders, dressage riders, endurance riders and reiners.  These riders are well versed in their sport.  They know the rules, the training methods and the channels to achieve in their particular discipline.

Sometimes:  He Is A “Ribbon Winning Pony”

We, on the other hand, are un-focused and random in our horsemanship.  If you need an authoritative and informed individual on any one horse topic, I am definitely not the girl for you.  If you need one (possibly  incorrect) bite size piece of information on many horse topics, though,  I’m your girl.  I love the variety.  I love the challenge of learning new things.  I love having a horse that is not skeptical when put into strange and different situations.

photo (2)
Sometimes:  He Is A “Swimming Pony”

I don’t love any one particular thing enough to dedicate enough time to it that I’d be willing to give the other things up.  So we will continue to down OUR road of horsemanship which has many off shoots and side trips and detours along the way.  We will continue to be different because of our varied experiences.

7 thoughts on “Jack of All Trades

  1. I love this! How fun that we were able to inspire this post!
    And, I’m glad it gave you a little push to think about your own riding and writing – sometimes we get even better once we’re able to really “define” what we’re doing. This is great!

    I love the variety in horse blogs out there, and yours always shines in that you truly enjoy what you’re doing with your horse!
    Oh, and I think that beach picture needs to be printed out and hung on the wall. A certain Zen there, while still in action – it’s pretty special!


    1. Thank you! And Thanks for the inspiration!!!!!

      We definitely always have a good time together and YES that beach picture is in a frame in my home office. It is one of my favorites.


  2. This was an awesome post! I love your blog, you challenge me to try new things and to go a little bit further. Very cool, and thank you for your support to me. Please see the FB Page I have started @
    Maraequinetherapy if you’re interested in more of my personal story. All the best to you. Helen

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Variety is the spice of life! He is also a good looking pony. I recently got to ride again at a farm and realized how much I miss being around horses. Maybe I’ll help out at their day camp this summer.


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