NaBloPoMo – Last Time I Rode and What I Did

The last time I rode was yesterday.  We trail rode at the local bridle trails which are a short 10 minute haul from us.

It was mostly a good ride.  Nice weather and I was happy to be out.  It was just the two of us in the quiet woods of a deserted park on a weekday.


We did have a little trouble when we came across a Mylar balloon off the side of the trail.  He saw it in the distance and was genuinely afraid.  It took some time, but I was able to convince him it was not going to kill us.  Once able to approach it and he was able to see what it was, I got off, picked it up and carried it back to the trailer with no further protest from him.

About six months ago Tucker was diagnosed with a cataract, but it has been about a year now that I first suspected he was having trouble with his vision.  The vet describes it as seeing something through a shower curtain, you can tell something is there, but you cannot make out exactly what it is.  This is problematic for a prey animal.  Rocks, logs and Mylar balloons used to never get a first let alone second glance.  Now, sometimes, they are cause for concern.  They can require as little as a side eye glance, but other times they send his head high and get a snort and every now and then, I can feel his urge to tuck, turn and get the heck out of there.


Tucker is still a solid and trustworthy mount.  He’s not unsafe and he is not overly reactive.  He just gets scared sometimes,he does a great job of staying mentally with me the best he can.  Still…this change has been hard for me.   I struggle with watching him being afraid of things that are common place and that once in his life were just part of the scenery.  I try not to blame all of his spooks on the vision issues, he is still a horse after all.  But, his responses are different and notable enough, that it is hard for my head not to go there.

We continue to ride.  I support him through the rough moments the best I can.  Staying focused and aiming to be the rider he can depend on, even when scary, blurry unidentifiable objects pop up on the side of the trail.

I hope he can trust me through this for a long time.  I hope the cataract does not get larger.  I hope he does not become unsafe.  I hope he still enjoys to be out in spite of these moments.

5 thoughts on “NaBloPoMo – Last Time I Rode and What I Did

  1. What a great post! Maybe in time he’ll get more used to his world through this ‘cloud’ and the spooks will calm down.
    Love that you talked about supporting him through. What a great approach!


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