NaBloPoMo – A little about the barn you ride at

The barn I ride at happens to be our own back yard.  We have small acreage which is in an ideal location in the city limits of Charlotte.  It is just under 4 acres, that is just big enough for our small herd, pack and flock.  It has a 3 bedroom house, 3 stall barn, 3 grass pastures, 1 dry lot, 1 riding arena (which I constantly wish was bigger).  The property is surrounded on three sides by a buffer of woods and the other side is lined by two neighbors’ houses.  I’d like a few more acres, but our land is lovely and it is super convenient to both our jobs.  The original owners bought several lots and built the small turn key farm, so we are at the end of a cul-de-sac in a neighborhood that has no other horse properties.  Our neighbors are AMAZING and the hood is incredibly close knit.

No ribbons line the walls of the barn showcasing the achievements of all the riders.  No trainer instructs people how to fix their riding, there are no jump standards or tack lockers and there is definitely no barn drama.  It’s a quiet place.  We’re happy here.  Our animals seem happy here.  I’m grateful for this place everyday.

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