At the clinic I did this past weekend we started with groundwork.  It had been ages since I played with my horse on the ground.  It was a great reminder what a high play drive he has and how easy it is to engage it when I’m on the ground.  He got exuberant and he got soooo focused on me.


I’m a proponent of groundwork.  I think it is a great way to establish leadership, get your horse focused on you, teach new things and keep you safe in situations you are not sure you can ride out.


AND it is a great and safe way to PLAY.  I watch my horse push the mares around the pasture all the time, trying desperately to get them to engage in a game of chase.  Heck he’ll even settle for a few hard kicks to the chest if that is all they will give him.  He LOVES to play.  So why on earth I am not incorporating play into our time together more often?  I definitely plan to be more fun for him going forward.


How about you???  Do you do groundwork with your horse???



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