NaBloPoMo – Your favorite equine memory

How do you pick a favorite equine memory?  I’m not sure I can.  I certainly have lots of them, but I also have one that stands out pretty clearly for me.


To appreciate why it is a favorite, you are going to need to understand a bit of history first.  Prior to owning a horse and even before I had started taking lessons, I lived close to a park that had equestrian trails.  I would walk my dogs there on a regular basis and see people out enjoying their equines.  I longed to trade places with them.  I so badly wanted a horse of my own and to take it out trail riding.


Many years later after many drastic life changes, I had a horse of my own, a hubby that rode and had a horse of his own, we had a trailer and we boarded within a reasonable driving distance (a little over an hour) to the same park I used to hike my dogs at.

The day we loaded up and rode those trails for the first time was so surreal.  A dream come true.  I had wanted it for so long, it was hard to believe it was actually happening.


Now, in an interesting twist of life, that very same park is a short 10 minute haul away and we ride our horses there all the time.

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