A Quick Camping Weekend

Version 2
Pretty Fall Colors

As we headed into the holiday week, Hubby & I were able to slip away for a quick camping trip at Croft State Park.

❤ ❤ ❤

Overall the weather was great.  We had days in the 50’s and although it got a little chilly at night with temps dropping into the low 30’s at no point did we ever feel like it was just too cold.

It’s Cold Outside

It was an interesting trip.  Hubs was supposed to bring his horse and ride with me, but since she is recovering from a colic case earlier this week we decided to play it safe and leave her home.  Not wanting to miss out on riding time, I decided to bring Tucker anyway.  I knew taking him away for the weekend alone would be a big ask, but you never know until you try.

A Canter Through The Field

Overall I am pleased with how it went.  We had a little trouble at the trail head as we were heading out.  One of the horses at the barn called out and he kind of lost his nerve about leaving.  I worked with him a bit at the stables to try to get him focused back on me, but when that didn’t work I decided to just forge ahead.  He settled out on the trails a bit, but was never completely the calm, confident, relaxed and steady horse he usually is.  Still, I appreciated his try and his willingness to comply with every request I made of him out there.

Our Hound-Always Keeping Watch

The rest of our time away was spent hiking the dogs, sitting around the campfire and mostly just enjoying a few days in nature and being away.

Good Boy!

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