Get A Helmet


Don’t be fooled by my title, this is NOT one of those posts where I am going to preach to you about all of the reasons you should wear a helmet while riding.  Although I think there are many, I also think it is a personal choice and I will live and let live.

Instead of lecturing, I want to reflect for a moment on this photo shared by a friend of mine on Facebook from a group called “shit horse riders think”.

I believe there could be many interpretations to this photo.  To me it says that you have to find something in life that you love to do.  Enjoy.  Find our joy.  Get a helmet…because if you have a helmet you probably ride a horse.

In truth it could have listed any safety equipment used in any fun past time.  Life is hard…get a: carabiner, life jacket, shoulder pad, pair of goggles.  Whatever it is, find your thing because life is hard.


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