Happy Solstice


The darkest day of the year is upon us.  I, like most horse back riders, look forward to the fact that tomorrow we start adding minutes of light back into our days.  I long for the seasons when I can be out for hours after work with the horses.  We all love the longer days and what it means for our riding.

So I remind myself to step back and appreciate today for what it is.  The lengthened dark has much to offer.  Winter is a time to be IN and enjoy my home, to snuggle with the dogs on the couch as I read a good book, to cook, to put puzzles together, to watch Netflix and settle into myself.  It is a time to be less busy.

I try not to think of the dark just in its relationship to the light, but to appreciate the dark for what it brings to the table.  The Earth will continue this path around the sun and all things will come in their time so instead of dreaming of the next space we will occupy,  I will appreciate this exact place in our orbit.

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