My Favorite Christmas Memory

In memory of my Dad and in honor of this Christmas Day I want to share my favorite Christmas Day memory.


I don’t recall the exact year, but I’m pretty sure I was in high school.  That morning our family, much like any other Christmas, was gathered in the living room opening presents.  As always my Dad was playing Santa by passing out presents, making sure there was a steady stream of gifts to each child without anyone going too long between opening one or having too many in a pile getting backed up.

He veered from his typical pattern and gradually, although there were still presents under the tree, my sisters & I found ourselves with nothing in front of us to open.  When he knew he had all of our attentions he reached not under the tree for the next gift, but instead into the branches of the tree.  There he found a small box nestled among the lights and the ornaments.


He walked the tiny box over to where my Mom sat on the couch.  He crouched on one knee.  He asked her to marry him.

In the box was an upgraded wedding ring.  It was beautiful.  They had two grown children and one nearly grown, rarely in their marriage did they spend on items for themselves that were a luxury.  He’d bought her a new ring and asked him to marry him all over again.  She said yes.

It was one of the most romantic moments I’ve ever experienced not just between my parents, but between two individuals in general.

I miss you Dad.

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