Tucker craves stimulation.  He is constantly trying to provoke the mares into any type of play with him.  Even it means he antagonizes them until they have no choice but to just kick the crap out of him.  It’s a win for him as being kicked is exponentially more exciting than just eating hay.  Unsuspecting chickens that wander into the pasture may find themselves in a forced game of chase.  If a dog shows up, they will quickly learn what it feels like to be nibbled on.

Tucker watches the house.  He’s learned that it is where the one being on this Earth (me), that actually wants to engage with him, comes and goes from.  When I am in the barn or elsewhere on the property he will “talk” to me in anticipation that my appearance might lead to something for him to do.  He watches my activities around the farm with eyes peering through the gate or head hung over the fence.  If it was not so damn adorable…it would be downright creepy.

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