Week #6

It is hard for me to believe that week six of The Challenge has come and gone.  Time really does fly when you are having fun.  We ended the week with 21 rides and 26.75 hours.

It was really good week because it had a lot of variety in it.  We played with our dressage work, rode an obstacle course I set up around the farm, had a relaxed road/fence line ride at home and took a lesson.  Also, things were finally dry enough this week that I was comfortable asking him to canter for longer periods of time focusing on regaining some fitness.

My big take away from the week is the mind/body connection.  So huge, not just for horses but for humans too.  So fascinating how they feed each other.  Relaxation, engagement, rhythm in the body will lead to that in the mind and vice versa.  I’ve had rides where I got the body first and then the mind followed, and I’ve also had rides where his mind was there and then the physical pieces really started to fall into place.  So fun!

One of the really cool things about this year’s challenge that have not been part of the previous challenges that I have participated in, is hubby doing this with me.  I am so impressed with the strides he & Freckles are making and how far they’ve come.  I would say this challenge has been so so good for them.  The softness that I see grow between them is touching.  Not to mention …HE IS RIDING WITH ME!!!!!!!  I have to give him a total shout out because he is slowing things down for her, being clear and persistent and the mindfulness he is putting into each ride with her is paying off BIG TIME.  He is also doing an amazing job of quitting while it is good.  He has a picture of what he wants, gets it and calls it a day.  I think it is so common with horses to get greedy and ask for things just one more time, or push to get just a little bit more, instead of ending on a high note.

Without further ado here is the photo collage from the week.


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