Week #7

It was another strong week for rides as we were able to get 5 more under our belt.

Ride 1 (Sunday): This was a lovely ride on a warm Winter day around our property.  I played a little bit with some of the things I had learned on the day before in our lesson, but mostly we just strolled around our pastures and neighborhood enjoying the sunshine.  It was a nice way to start the week.

Ride 2 (Tuesday): This was a brief ride after work and we warmed up playing with finding relaxation.  Then moved into long stretchy trot and cantered a few song long playlist.

Ride 3 (Wednesday): This was a dressage lesson.  The lesson was a gift and the a new to me instructor.  It was the first time I had ridden with a discipline specific instructor.  Usually the trainers I ride with are more generalists with focus on good foundation.   It was a good lesson and she helped with my rider position, also giving me some good exercises to try at home.

Ride 4 (Thursday): Worked on some of the exercises from our dressage lesson.  Focusing specifically on getting my weight evenly distributed on both sides of me seat.

Ride 5 (Saturday): A super fun day spent with two of my girlfriends.  Helping each other in the arena and then heading out for a lovely ride around the beautiful equestrian community in which one of them lives.  So much fun to have good horses, laughter with friends and beautiful surroundings all in one day!


3 thoughts on “Week #7

  1. Sounds like a well balanced week overall 🙂 speaking of balance I’ve also been working long term to get more equal in the saddle. One suggestion that has helped me is to work on using my no -dominant hand more for as much as possible. Helps change the brain as well and body.

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