An entire month has gone by and I have not made the time to update my blog.  It’s been a FULL month and so  many things have happened, that I wish I had dedicated a post to each individual adventure.  But, somehow the time has gotten away from me.

So here is a quick recap:

Camping At H. Cooper Black

The first camping trip of 2018 is in the books.  It was super fun but also super cold.  A group of eight of us spent the entire weekend either bundled up on horseback OR snuggled around the campfire.

Photo Credit: To Horse Illustrated

I had an unscheduled dismount during a solo trail ride.  On a bend in the trail, a lady and her dog, thinking she was doing the nice thing, stepped off  into the woods to get out of our way.  This made her invisible until we were right up on her.  Tucker, not realizing she was just a hiker, was convinced the hidden lion in the woods was ready to pounce.  He tried to spin, I hit the dirt, managed to keep the reins in hand which gave him the opportunity to drag me a bit before coming back to his senses.  I walked away with a rope burned left hand and a bruised (maybe fractured) tailbone.  I also walked away with an incredibly bruised ego, feeling incompetent and foolish for being unable to stick that spook as well as disappointed that his prey drive kicked in and overrode the leadership/partnership that I typically rely on to keep safe.

My Chicago Family

After a painful night in bed full of NSAIDs, ice and sleeping pills, the hubs and I got up the next morning to head to Chicago.  I have mixed feelings towards this particular vacation.  It was great to see friends and family.  Catching up and visiting with people I had not seen in many years.  The painful tailbone and crappy Illinois weather, however, put a damper on the overall spirit of the trip.  I was irritable and unmotivated and it rained, sleeted or snowed (sometimes all three in the same day) the entire time we were there.

Bring On The Lions

On our first day home I really wanted to get back in the saddle.  In spite of my tailbone SCREAMING it was a bad idea, I needed to throw a leg over.  Every rider knows that confidence is a tricky and delicate thing.  I am no more immune to a loss of it than any other rider.  I wanted to know how I would feel in the moment when it was time to settle in and head back out on the trails.  Thankfully I didn’t feel unnecessary nerves or notice any clamping down, getting tight or jerking and over-reacting to his motions.  It was a relief to see that our years of building relationship was not undone as we returned to the scene of the crime.

The Best Kind Of Happy Hour

Since that ride I’ve been back in the saddle one more time.  Hubby and I had a nice evening trail ride one night after work.  It was brief as I’m still not healed and after about 30 minutes I realized that I need to just give in, ground myself for a bit and let my body recover from the impact.

Honestly, this would scare the crap out of me

When you cannot ride your own horse, the next best thing to do is to head to the beautiful TIEC and watch other people ride theirs.  They recently hosted a WEG qualifying dressage show AND driving competition both on the same day.  It was a treat to hang out with friends and get to watch riders compete at that level.  I saw some lovely riders with some special relationships going on with their horses.  I also saw examples of shitty horsemanship where the horse was clearly a tool to get to the next step in the rider’s show career.  Competition seems to have a way to bring out both the best and the worst in people.


That wraps up what has been going on with me as I head into my Birthday/Anniversary weekend.  Happy Friday Everybody!


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