Next Weekend


Saturday June 16th will be my Mother’s Birthday.  The first one since she passed.  Sunday, the following day, will be Father’s Day.  The second since he has passed.

It’s funny how things hit you because I had not realized these dates were coming until laying in bed last night.  Then all of a sudden, there it was, just as I was falling asleep.

Was I sad?  Yes.  I miss them both terribly and remembering them still leaves me with the ache of longing to have them here.

Image Credit: Best Of America By Horseback

I also found humor in it.  Humor, because next weekend I will be on a working cattle farm.  Riding my horse, driving cattle, practicing team penning, trail riding and learning to fly fish.  Not exactly the image that pops to mind when I think of honoring my parents’ memory.  We grew up in a very suburban setting and all that environment entails.  My Mother especially could never quite wrap her head around the appeal of my lifestyle.  With all the animals to take care of, she would frequently ask me when enough would be enough.  My Dad got closer to the mark, but even he, if asked, would probably admit that keeping horses, raising chickens and a house full of dogs is not exactly what he pictured for me when I was growing up.  So NO…sitting on my horse following cow butts, doesn’t quite fit the image of commemorating them.

Image Credit: Best Of America By Horseback

After further reflection, however, this seems the perfect adventure to take during a weekend that I’m sure I will be thinking of them often.

This is a new experience for me and if there was one thing my parents taught me, it was to go out and live.  My Grandmother had a saying which my parents adopted and taught us all to live by: “life is for the living”.  I interpret this so many different ways but I always try to embrace the true meaning and live to the fullest.  Filling my days with things that bring me joy.

That One Time We Moved A Cow In My Friend’s Neighbor’s Pasture, Just For Fun

I’ll be outside, in nature.   We were raised to play outside, hike, picnic, ride bikes, go to ball games, take walks or even (when visiting my Grandmother in TN) to just sit under the carport and watch the rain roll by.

I’ll be surrounded by animals.  My father was a true animal lover.  I came by my passion for the four legged honestly.  Although, my mother was not quite as enchanted by animals, she always loved the family dog and taught us to be kind to animals and know the responsibility of taking care of them.

We Are Finally Going To  Have An Opportunity To Put The Skills Learned In Our Cow Clinic To Practice

Most importantly, I’ll be doing something I enjoy.  The only thing my parents would ever say they wanted for us was “to be happy”.  And I will be.  Riding my horse, learning new things, spending time with people and enjoying the outdoors.

Now that I think about it, I can think of no better way to remember them!

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