The Gathering – Cattle Drive 1

Heading out for the first cattle drive, we crossed the river that runs through the property and out into a wide open pasture to find some cows.  Tucker was pretty excitable.  Understandably so.  He’d stood in a trailer all day Thursday and then spent the next 24 hours in a stall.  I threw a saddle on him, stuck him in a large group of horses (I’m not sure how many were a part of each individual event, but I do know that we had 45 riders in and out of all the events through the course of the weekend), took him into a WIDE open field, that had cows in it all without having time to warm him up first and get his mind with me, not to mention my excitement level was up.  Yay…his adrenaline was a little high.

Let’s Go Find Some Cows

As a group we found the cattle herd and circled wide, as we came upon them we had to cross a little ravine full of mud.  Tucker chose to jump instead of walk across said ravine which allowed his already high adrenaline to come a little higher, followed by a horse behind us, doing the same and come running up his ass, he finally had the needed excuse to lose his cookies.  His Arabian spirit came out as his tail went high and he started prancing around in circles.  Luckily, I’d been expecting some antics since the ride started and although a few fuzzy moments went by he came back to me pretty quickly.  As we got closer to the cows, he locked on and decided his place on this ride was close to them.  He had such a strange curiosity and fascination for them.  He found them both exciting and a little scary all at the same time, and he would place himself close enough to keep a watchful eye on them, but far enough away that he felt safe.  It was oddly just the right amount of distance to allow us to actually push and influence the cows.


This herd was pretty easy to move and we were able to drive them across the pasture, back through the river and into the arena in what felt like a short amount of time.  We left these cows there so they could be used in the team penning competition later that evening.

I hope they like water

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