The Gathering – Cattle Drive 2

“This is the BEST thing we’ve ever done Mom” – Tucker

It was time to head back out to move the breeding herd.  I was SUPER excited about this drive because this is the herd that had the babies in it.  Some of them only a few weeks old.  These cows were tougher to move and had a lot farther to go.  We found them in a muddy swampy part of the pasture napping in the shaded woods.  To get these cows up and going we had to navigate the trees, slop through the mud, had more cows go rogue and wander off on their own and we had to move them a much further distance.  This was an awesome ride but it was also challenging, actually probably the most difficult thing I’ve ever asked my horse to do.  There were a lot of riders, all with different levels of experienced horses and all with different levels of control of those horses.  There were a lot of cows.  It was a lot to pay attention to and support a horse through and I was so so grateful for the foundation and relationship I have with my boy.  He behaved so well and even though only our second time out he seemed to understand that we had a mission to accomplish.

LOOK at that BABY!!!!!!!!

We got the cows to the pasture they needed to be in and left them up on a hill.  Time to turn around and head back to camp.  This was the second melt down Tucker had for the weekend, although this one was much less dramatic.   Some of the horses took off across the pasture back to the barn and all the horses got a little excited about that.  One turned around, I guess just to have a little extra ride time, and came charging back into the group.  This either scared or excited Tucker and he turned and burned on me.  I stuck it and was able to circle a couple times which kicked his brain back into gear.  The rider back at camp, found me and apologized.  I thought that was classy of her.

Pushing Them Along

This second drive was by far my favorite part of the whole weekend.  Moving a herd with babies in it was so fun.  It was adorable to watch them follow their mothers.  At one point as we were walking along, cows mooing, I glanced over at my friend and we both laughed and she exclaimed “This is so fun!”

One thought on “The Gathering – Cattle Drive 2

  1. Love it! It’s really great to use a horse for something “real”- I tried to help the local farm guys once herd up some cows into a pen and it was a blast- I was better than they were on foot and 4-wheelers but alone on a missouri fox trotter i was not terribly effective! This looks like you had a great time!


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