The Gathering – Trail Ride

What kind of a gathering would it be for a trail riding show if we didn’t actually go on your everyday average run of the mill trail ride.  Well, we did that too during our stay in Culpeper.

Looking Out Across The Farm

This was a lovely ride through the beautiful farm.  It was a slow paced “walk only” ride so that everyone would feel comfortable coming along.  At least it was supposed to be a walk only ride.  Several riders either just ignored that rule or didn’t have control enough of their horses to follow it, which made me feel a little bad for the people that came along whose horses were flustered by the faster pace, but for the most part everyone moseyed along just enjoying the scenery.

A break in the shade-learning about the Native American history

There is quite a bit of history on the farm and our guide was sure to point out the highlights.  We stood in the shade on the spot were Native Americans had once built a village.  Walked down a lane that was once used by Jefferson and Washington.  We looked out across a hill where Daniel Boone lived during the Cherokee War.

Lane used by Washington & Jefferson

I enjoyed the change of pace of this ride, the slowing down, the not having to think so much about so many things going on all around us at once.  This was a great time to get to talk to those in the group either a couple in front of us or a couple behind us.  I found it brilliant of The Gathering organizers to make sure there was a little of everything, I enjoyed the variety and it gave everyone the chance to do something they wanted to.

House In The Distance

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