Happy Summer Riding

It’s been a month of no posts and what a fun filled crazy month is has been.  It seems to be a theme with me that I let a month go by, neglecting my blog, and then I look back and wish that I had dedicated an entire post to each adventure that I’ve had in the past 30 days.   BUT it is Summer, time to be outside, ride ponies, live life and stay off the computer, so instead you get the quick pictorial recap of all the fun rides I’ve been on lately.

Some of the trips were camping and some were just day rides but they were all good with great friends and outstanding ponies.  We did have one little mishap on the trail involving a nest of yellow jackets.  Horses and humans sustained some stings but no one was seriously hurt and no one took an unplanned dismount.

An actual video of how we looked
Another bee GIF because…Ryan Reynolds!!!!!!

Anyway here is where we have been riding lately:

  • Morrow Mountain
  • Latta Plantation
  • Clemson Experimental Forest
  • Kings Mountain National Battlefield
  • Kings Mountain State Park
  • Croft State Park

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