I’m Not Ready


Labor Day Weekend is upon us.  Friday night after work I will put Tucker on the trailer and we will head out for our last weekend trip of the Summer.  Typically, at the change of a season, I am filled with enthusiasm to see the next one roll in.  Especially Fall…it’s my favorite.  I’m usually pushing Summer out the door ready to be rid of the heat, humidity and bugs. I welcome The Fall with its crisp mornings, pretty colored leaves and sweatshirt weather.


Not this year though.  This year, I’m not ready for Summer to go.  I feel a sense of loss  and almost panic that days are getting shorter and things will start slowing down as Mother Nature prepares for her Winter rest.  Where has the time gone?  How could we be entering our 9th month of the year?


As I look back on the Summer I feel so oddly conflicted about it’s passing.


On one hand I feel like it has been FILLED with so many fun things and lots of great adventures.  Of the 13 weekends that Summer brought us, I’ve been out of town for more than half of them.  Mostly with my pony, enjoying saddle time, friends and nature.


On the flip side, I feel like Summer is running out the door and I have not had the opportunity to do so many of the things I wanted to.  There was no beach trip this year, or any kind of weekend away for just the hubs & I.  I think we slipped away for an after work ride at the local bridle trails once all Summer.  Previous years we went once a week.  There was no escape from the heat into the cool elevations of the Mountains.  I feel as though I’ve missed my chance to enjoy some of my Summer staples and now I won’t have the chance until next year.


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