TRX Workouts

I get to the gym 3-5 days in a typical week.  I’m fortunate that my gym is a short walk from work.  I’m also fortunate in the fact that my company culture is very fitness minded and no one cares if you take a few extra minutes or 30 to get your exercise in on your lunch hour.  In spite of my regular visits to the gym, you will notice that you never see me posting about them here.  I just don’t find exercise makes for terribly interesting reading or writing material.

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Photo Credit: Charlotte Athletic Club Instagram

That being said, if I’m taking the time to write about something I’ve discovered that is working, you might want to pay attention.  I’ve always liked to mix my workouts up and try to get in a mix of cardio, strength and yoga.  I mostly take the group classes.  I like not having to come up with my own routines, I find instructors push me harder than I push myself and it is just more fun to suffer through in a group.

In July a new class was introduced called TRX Bootcamp.  I am LOVING it.  I had very little experience working on a TRX system so the concept was pretty new to me.  The first class I spent most of the hour just trying to figure out how to get my feet in properly or understand how my hands were supposed to grip the straps.  If you have not heard of TRX check out THIS link to learn more about it.

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Photo Credit: Charlotte Athletic Club Instagram

The class is made up of several “stations” that you rotate through.  Each station has an exercise, or group of movements that you perform for a set amount of time before getting a brief break to move on to the next station.  Stations can vary from cardio drills, to strength builders but usually a combination of both.  Not all stations use the bands, but most do.

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Photo Credit: Charlotte Athletic Club Instagram

What I love most about the class is how effective it is.  I’ve noticed strength gains in myself that I have not been able to achieve in spite of all the years I’ve been trying to build muscle.  Building upper body strength has always been incredibly difficult for me and although I’m nowhere near where I would like, I’m pleased with the progress.  My hats off to whoever was genius enough to come up with the TRX system.  It certainly doesn’t hurt that my instructor is bad ass and brings the class to a whole new level.

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