Horses Seek Harmony

For those of us that seek connection with our horses we know, that harmony is a guiding principle towards true partnership.

Horses seek harmony and if you sit and watch a herd for any length of time you will see them sync up mentally and physically with each other.

As riders, the moment we find harmony with our horse is when all of the good things start to happen.

The other day after I finished up my ride, I was playing with the self timer option on my camera.  I wasn’t really looking for a great shot, just figuring out how it worked.  I certainly was not expecting anything from my horse other than to be a co-subject with me.

That night when I loaded the images onto the computer I was surprised and so so pleased to see my pony moving in sync with me.  I didn’t ask him to match my steps and I certainly did not pay enough attention to mirror him, but there it was, caught on “film” step by step, my horse in harmony with me.

As you flip through the photos, watch our legs and you’ll see it too.


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