Ronnie Willis Says…..

“Son, with anything there is to do with horses, there are about a hundred different ways to get it done. Maybe 70 or 75 of those ways will work….. But maybe only 10, or 15, of those ways are a good deal for the horse. My point is… Not everything that’s effective is a good deal for the horse. Not everything suits every horse. There is more than one right way. There are some things that you won’t understand or agree with. That doesn’t make them bad. There are some things you may think are the best way right now. Later, you’ll come to see that maybe they weren’t as good as you thought. Keep learning, keep trying. It will come.”
Ronnie Willis.

I love this!  It especially speaks to me because when we are beginners, all doors are open.  We are hungry for all knowledge and to see all the 100 different ways.

As we progress in our learning we start to form opinions about those 100 different ways.  We close our minds to some of them.  This is isn’t bad, it leads us to the 10.

However, we must be careful as we decide what is right and wrong, good or bad because we may decide not to examine from all angles something we thought was not a good deal for the horse. We might have dismissed something that is actually better than we originally thought.

We must keep learning.  We must strive to become masters while maintaining a beginner mindset.


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