Changing Of The Season – November 2018 (Riding Edition)

When I started putting together my Changing of the Seasons post it was getting longer and longer and I was at high risk of going over my 20 photos.  So, I decided to pull out my riding adventures and put them in a separate entry.  With a week “stay-cation” this month it has allowed for lots riding.  I’m not including ALL of our rides because so many of them are at home, not very scenic and there are no pictures.   But I will make sure to include the highlights.

I had the chance to ride with a new trainer this month.  James Cooler of Cooler Horsemanship & I spent a day together.  After nearly a year of my riding being all about the “fun factor” it was nice to be back in a learning and progressive state of mind.  We focused a lot on refinement and I could tell there are some things I’d allowed T & I to get slack on, most notably responsiveness.  We also uncovered some other areas of improvement in getting T to accept the contact.   It was nice to have someone coach me through some strategies to get us both better.


The Monday before Thanksgiving, I loaded up Tucker to hit the local trails.  Lance came separately and met us over there with the hounds and it was a perfect day to be in the woods with all my favorite guys.


The day before Thanksgiving I was SUPPOSED to meet a couple of friends at a trail system about 2 hours from the house which is about the max that I will drive for a day trip.  The day before this ride hubby & I put down 6000 pounds of rock in the dry lot to help with the mud through the Winter.  After that long day, I was thinking about the drive getting back into Charlotte on the busiest travel day of the year, and I came to the conclusion that staying close to home was the more appealing choice.  I did have a pretty ride around our property and through the neighborhood though and as you can see, one little pony was appreciative of all our hard work.


Hubby & I slipped away to the woods on Thanksgiving Day to ride at Ann Springs Greenway.  I LOVE to ride on a holiday and this one was no exception.


The day after Thanksgiving a couple friends & I decided to #optoutside and spent our Black Friday trail riding.  It was a little chilly.  The horses were amazing.  One of them had a little bit of a slip in the mud which led to an unplanned dismount.  Thankfully everyone walked away and I think a day or two of rest and a little ibuprofen will clear it up.


If you are interested in checking out my non-horse related activities for the month of November, check out THIS post.

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