The Valley Of The Sun

On Wednesday I came home from a quick trip to visit my sister in Phoenix, AZ, also known as, The Valley Of The Sun.  I got there on Saturday afternoon and left early Wednesday morning so I it was really only a three full day trip, but we managed to pack a lot of fun stuff into that short time.  We saw some amazing sights, had a lot of laughs and wore our hiking shoes out. 

I love going to AZ because their landscape is so vastly different than what I am used to here at home and I find myself in awe every time I turn around and look at something new.

The Itinerary Was:

  • Hiked The Superstition Mountains
  • Hiked The Usery Mountains
  • Searched for and SAW The Salt River Wild Horses (TWICE)
  • Desert Botanic Gardens
  • Watched a Christmas Parade
  • Toured Christmas Lights
  • Climbed Through The Hole In The Rock At Papago Park
  • Self Guided Street Art Tour
  • Hiked The Aqua Fria National Monument
  • 4×4 Desert Jeep  Tour



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