Bloghop: Favorites of 2018

Amanda over $900 Facebook Pony is having an amazing bloghop. It’s been circulating my wall and I’ve really enjoyed seeing everyone’s favorites from this year. The rules are pretty straight forward: a picture to illustrate each of the following:

WHEE with friends…that was my favorite
  • Favorite Show Picture
  • Favorite Non-Show Picture
  • Favorite Thing You Bought
  • Favorite Moment On Horseback
  • Favorite Moment Out Of The Saddle
  • Favorite “Between The Ears” Picture
  • Favorite Horse Book Or Article
  • Favorite Horse Ridden Or Groomed Aside From Your Own
  • Favorite Funny Picture Of Your Horse
  • Favorite Fence That You Jumped or Movement You Conquered
  • Favorite Horse Meme
Hubby did the Winter Challenge with me this year and we got to spend LOTS of time on horse back together…that was my favorite.

I wanted to play too. Really I did and I think everyone should. BUT and I’m sorry Amanda, as simple as the rules are, I cannot follow them. First of all, I don’t show. That knocks a couple of those bullet points off the list immediately. In past years we have managed to put a couple of light competitive type events under our belt, such as a schooling dressage show or competitive trail ride, but this year (as anyone who reads this blog knows) we have been all about the fun factor. I have had no interesting in sharpening our skills and then presenting them to someone for judgement.

First camping trip of 2018. We froze, but boy did we have a good time…that was my favorite

We don’t jump…bye bye another bullet point. AND I haven’t messed with anyone’s horse other than my own this year. There were no significant or even particularly exciting purchases this year. So that list just keeps getting shorter.

Riding at Clemson for the first time ever…that was my favorite.

Here is my biggest challenge with this bloghop. It is impossible for me to pick a favorite. Not just when it comes to horse experiences, but I cannot pick a favorite anything. For example, it is a running joke between hubby and I. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. we go camping as we are sitting around the campfire at the end of a day riding, I look over at him and say “you know, this is my favorite place to camp”. The thing is, I say that no matter where we are. It’s only my favorite because it is where I am right then. And the thing about it, is that it is true. EVERY.SINGLE.TIME. It really is my favorite in that moment and space in time.

Impromptu Ride at Kings Mountain…that was my favorite.

All my trail rides, all my camping trips, all the time I get to spend with friends in the saddle, all the learning opportunities, all the rides in my arena at home or down our road or around our property, all the time I get to hang out with Tucker, it is all special and I literally don’t know how to single one of those moments out as my absolute favorite. But on the flip side….they are all my favorite…every single one…for that moment…it is my favorite.

Camping at Croft taken on my FAVORITE trail…that was my favorite.

Sooooo here is my adapted and condensed list of “favorites”. And because I have already changed the challenge to suit my situation you may get one or more photos for each. That makes up for the bullet points I’m leaving out.

Favorite Non-Show Picture: Getting to move cattle in VA was not only a highlight for me, but my horse was a pretty big fan as well. I’m pretty sure he thought this was the best day we’ve ever spent together.

Favorite Moment On Horseback: Getting to ride with my Sister was a pretty amazing way to spend a couple hours in the saddle. It was even more special because I finished up my 2018 Northwood Farms Winter Challenge during that same ride.

Favorite Moment Out Of The Saddle: Oh The silliness and antics of this guy. This shot was taken during a January snow day and I love it because it illustrates a moment of play between the two of us. Tucker’s play drive is super high and anytime I can engage that, in way that is still respectful and safe for both of us it is super fun and makes me happy.

Favorite “Between The Ears” Picture: This was taken during a camping trip to South Mountains State Park. My favorite place to camp and ride. No really!!!! It is my favorite. You cannot beat the views and the trails are in stellar shape especially for mountain riding.

Favorite Horse Book Or Article:

Favorite Funny Picture Of Your Horse: He spends more time on two feet than four, and it makes me laugh every single time.

Favorite Horse Meme:

I just reviewed the post before I hit publish and it was a pretty great year AND there are so many things I’ve left out of this post like my favorite time that we camped at Southern Eighths, or my favorite new learning experience with James Cooler, or my favorite evening watching the sun go down between T’s ears in our back pasture or…or…or… I guess I’ll end it there and just appreciate my year full of favorites!!!!

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