To Be A Horse

As the year comes to a close I’ve been seeing some reflection posts throughout the social media forums as people look back at their year in review and think ahead to 2019 as it pertains to their horsemanship journeys.

I’m incredibility thankful that horses don’t realize the expectations we humans place on them in our lives. They stand in pastures blissfully unaware of all that we have physically, emotionally, psychologically and financially wrapped up into them.

We ask them to be our partners, our therapists, our self development coaches, our fitness motivators, our educators, our friends, our legs, our scenery, our entertainment, our respite and sanctuary, our source of excitement, our link to the land, our zen, our social outlet, our competitor, our worker, our counselors, our healer, our spiritual links and for some our livelihoods.

Geez!!!!! Think about if you were all those things or even half those things to another being…it’d be a lot pressure. A lot to live up to, leaving lots of room for disappointment.

And yet, horses do it. They need some hay and water in return. The good horseman also offer dignity, respect and consideration. No matter how good you THINK you are, the relationship is incredibly lopsided. You will get far more from your horse, than you will ever be able to give back. All of us.

So I’ll leave you with this. Be mindful, be kind with your horses. Your expecting a lot out of them.

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