Week 2 – 2019

Week 2 of The Challenge has come to a close and I got 2 rides and 3 hours in this week.

We didn’t get off property this week so of our sessions were here at home. One was a brief ride over my lunch hour. After a nice long walking warm up focusing on flexion and yields we did some trot and canter work. The weather here has been so wet and our ground conditions (footing) have suffered for it, so keeping him in shape at the higher gaits has been a challenge. I’ve been trying to get him fit again as I am able.

Our second ride was on my day off and was a lovely afternoon spent in the sunshine. I let all three horses into the arena to run and play prior to working with Tucker. Once they seemed to have their fill of each other I spent a little time working with T on the ground and then saddled up. We worked on more of the same as we had on my lunch hour ride. We did have the added challenge thrown in of the mares being in the arena with us. I made a game of driving them to one end of the arena and establishing that they had to stay on that end beyond a certain fence post. Any time they crossed that line, we stopped what we were doing to drive them back that way. Tucker seemed to enjoy this game, the girls on the other hand were not amused.

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