Week 3 – 2019

We put in 4 rides this week and 4 hours 15 minutes. This brings our total to 12 rides and 15 hours. This was yet another week where we did not trailer anywhere. The weather and my schedule just have not allowed for much else. We used our first of the five bareback rides we are allowed in the twelve weeks. We used our first of the five bareback rides we are allowed in the twelve weeks.

A couple of interesting things to note from the week. For one of our rides I our warm up was to walk him around the arena and allow him to make the decisions. The only rule was that he had to keep moving, which really was no issue. Other than that he could meander and circle and walk wherever he wanted. I dropped the reins and just went along for the ride. It was interesting to follow along on his path, what he avoided, what patterns he fell into, what he was curious about. It was also interesting how quickly he was able to blow out and relax into this exercise.

We took a couple trips down the road through our neighborhood this week. They are clearing a wooded lot at the end of our street, I assume to build a home. It was good exposure to show him the bobcat, tractors and downed trees. It is heart breaking for me and had me questioning how much more can our earth really take. As we clear our landscape and natural spaces, reduce trees, remove farmland, change water runoffs, replace vegetation with pavement, how much more can our land take?

People want development and growth, it brings money into the area. Not considering the cost of lost land. People are pro-life, they say it is wrong to abort an unborn fetus. Not thinking about the fact that we already live in an overpopulated world where our available farm space cannot support the current life that we have. People are pro-organic and anti-GMO, saying that the chemicals and mutations are toxic to our bodies. Not considering that growing organic and non-gmo plants is an unsustainable practice for the amount of mouths we have to feed. People want humane treatment of the animals we eat, without considering that we just put 100 houses on the fields that these animals used to live in. We praise advancements in fertility treatment, without questioning if perhaps that was Mother Nature’s way of saying “enough”. It’s a question of having your cake and eating it too. Something has to give, something will have to be sacrificed. It might be belief, it might be health, it might be affordable food, it might be housing and it might not be in my lifetime, but at some point all these things will be unable to exist together.

So anyway….that was a rabbit hole down into my thoughts. Look what happens when a bobcat shows up at the end of my road. On to happier thoughts as we ride into week 4.

3 thoughts on “Week 3 – 2019

  1. You make such valid points. My heart cries whenever I see a new housing development go up. Just recently we drove by a new housing community and across the street was an abandoned building. Already flat land and developed, needing to be demolished and started over. Instead of reusing that space they took virgin land, brought in countless truckloads of dirt to landscape and level. What an atrocity it is!

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