Orange & Pink (?)

“The earth is blue like an orange” – Paul Eluard

I supposed I should note that I DO actually know the difference between pink and blue. Cee switched up the challenge on me (us) and since I have very little archives to choose from I was kind of stuck with the original plan. I take pictures ahead of time based on the challenge themes AND I really liked this bird. So….here he is, even though he no longer fits the bill (HA, pun intended).

Taking pictures of this guy was so fun. He was curious about me and the fact that I was hanging around his enclosure for such a long time. He was actively participating in our session and even though he didn’t realize it, was engaging in my shots.

He is at the Carolina Raptor Center, and they are either rehabilitating him or he has a situation that will no longer allow him to live the in the wild and he will live out the rest of his life with them. He is a Crested Caracara and is out of place for our region, he was the only bird there not native to our area, so I am sure he has an interesting story.

My submission for Cee’s Fun Foto Challenge: Orange & Pink

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