Three Life Stages

I’m just back from an amazing Florida vacation, which you all will be hearing about in detail soon. I saw something super cool while I was down there and just didn’t want to wait until all my thoughts were in order on the whole trip to share it.

We stayed at an AirBnB which happened to be on a horse farm. Yes, it was a dream vacation. One morning our hostess came to collect me as she thought there might be something I’d want to shoot. Her Monarch chrysalis had just opened.

I grabbed my camera and was pleased to see that not only did she have a freshly emerged butterfly, but within 5 feet of the new beauty there was another chrysalis and not far from that, a caterpillar.

Fun Fact: The gold dots let you know this will be a Monarch

6 thoughts on “Three Life Stages

      1. It is. A couple of years ago, we built a sanctuary for monarch caterpillars to protect them from predators. We enjoyed many weeks of live entertainment; from the growing caterpillars, to seeing them pupate and finally emerge as butterflies and fly away.

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