Florida Vacation – Part 4

On our final day in Florida we took the Gypsy Gold horse farm tour which told of the history and showcased the breed of the Gypsy Vanner Horse. The online reviews raved that this was the number 1 tourist attraction of the area, but upon our arrival we were skeptical. We were placed in a dark chilly room where a video played, not of great quality and showed different members of the breed.

Our skepticism was quickly laid to rest when the owner of the farm came in and started to tell his story. The story of how he discovered the breed, how he brought the breed to America and got it recognized as an actual breed, then introduced these magnificent horses to the world. He had a warm and humorous gift for story telling and his charisma was infectious. When the story was told, we walked around the farm and had the chance to meet the stallions, mares and foals currently on the property.

Our tour was followed by a drive to a rehabilitation type of zoo. The animals here were all native to Florida but for various reasons could no longer live in the wild.

This was the last day of our trip. What a great one it was. I’m looking forward to getting back down there someday.

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