Week 6 – 2019

The Challenge is officially half way there and we are over half on our numbers so I guess we are doing pretty good. We have 18 rides and 22 hours 45 minutes.

I have to confess though that my motivation for staying on top of the numbers is dwindling. The rains returned this week and things are yet again a soupy mess. The forecast predicts this wet weather will continue for the next 10 days (at least).

In past years this is normally not a problem. That is the WHOLE POINT of the challenge, to keep you motivated to get out and ride “in spite of it”. Depending on where you live that could be cold, snow, mud, rain or any mix of all of it but the challenge brings us together to encourage us to ride anyway.

But here is the thing…we are not really together. The group used to be managed through Facebook, which was convenient, easy to use and most people check Facebook at least once a day anyway. For various reasons they changed the platform the group is managed through this year. It is an attempt to allow the group to grow and have more control. The problem is that for the users, the site is now a separate place to navigate. It means more time on the computer, it is a clunky system that doesn’t flow very well and is not terribly user friendly. So not many are using it. On the few occasions I have remembered to post/check in there, not much activity is happening.

Some of the group disbanded, created their own group and took it back to Facebook. I considered joining, but this somehow felt disloyal to the Northwood Farms group that created The Challenge in the first place. They have done so much and put so much blood, sweat and tears into making this happen every year that somehow the other group feels like a betrayal.

So I’m trudging on. Missing the motivation and interaction the cyper group provided. I’m not throwing in the towel, just acknowledging that this year has definitely lost a lot of the magic, change is hard and growing pains happen.

All that being said we had two good rides this week. One was a fabulous trail ride with a friend I had not been out with in awhile. We spent several hours on a cold day enjoying our stellar ponies and good conversation. It was great talks…the kind you have with friends that you have not seen in awhile and need to catch up with, but still feel like you haven’t skipped a beat in spite of the time apart. The other was a late evening ride here at the house as the sun set.

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