Have Fun With Your Horses

When I started writing today, I was getting ready to rant about a horsemanship blog that I had read. At the end of their post I was left wondering: Are you even having fun with your horses?

As I started to dissect the author’s words and pick their thoughts apart, I realized I wasn’t being fair. Everyone is on their own journey.

Instead I reflected on a different article I had read, called 13 Signs Your Horse is Happy. The specific excerpt I found particularly hilarious was :

“It may look as though your horse is fighting, but rearing up with his front legs at another horse or pawing the ground are often signs he’s enjoying himself. Horses generally won’t play with each other unless they’re happy. “

I must have the happiest horse on the planet!!!!! He literally spends more time on his back feet than any other horse I have ever seen. My friends refer to it as “his signature move”.

So, I will send this wish out into the Universe: I hope everyone has as much fun with their horses as I do!!!!!

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