Week 8 -2019

It’s hard to believe there are only 4 weeks left in the challenge. We are holding steady in spite of all the rain we’ve had. If you break the weeks down to ride an average number of rides and hours every week we are right where we should be with our hours at 26 and 45 minutes. We are slightly ahead with rides at 22. We would only need 20 to be on track.

This week was particularly exciting because there are signs of spring everywhere; buds on the trees, the frogs are constantly singing and horse hair is coming out in clumps.

We had a fun ride yesterday when Tucker decided that he could absolutely not trot through the mud puddle in our arena. He could only walk through it or jump over it…no in between. Neither one of us are jumpers, nor do we have the desire to be, but since he was offering it and since he was not being very demonstrative or naughty about his leaps we played with this for awhile. He eventually figured out that it really was easier to just trot through it, but it gave us something new and different to do together until he puzzled out the situation.

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