Week 9 – 2019

We wrapped up week 9 with adding only one ride and an hour and 15 minutes. A variety of reasons limited my saddle time. Sadly, due to my friend having a lame horse we had to cancel our first camping trip of 2019. I was and still am pretty bummed about that.

Although it was not a lot of time, what I got was quality. We had a couple days last week where things were actually dry. That meant I was able to ask him to canter and just hang out at that gait for a bit. It was nice to be able to ask him to hold it long enough that he could settle in and find some relaxation. We also played with dragging our trash and recycle cans up the hill of a driveway, this was a great exercise for him both for desensitization purposes and fitness purposes. This week is supposed to be dry and warm so I’m looking forward to some quality time with my boy this week.

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