Book Review – The Original Dream

Amazon’s Summary:

For Maya, history is like a dream, and her dreams are like a history of her life and how it relates to others. Effortlessly defying and calling into question time and space, Maya inhabits fantastical realities filled with shamans, romantic longing, a daughter’s struggles, and a flying dragon.

Lyrically flowing between Maya’s multiple realities, The Original Dream is the story of a young independent Indonesian woman trying to break free from cultural and social conventions while also searching for her place among family and friends. With guidance from her parents, coworkers, and sister, along with a newborn filled with the wisdom of elders, Maya navigates her perceptions, looking for answers to unknown questions. Whether soaring through the nighttime sky, caring for her nephew, or tending to guests at the hotel where she works, she tries to delineate the difference between dreams and reality and if such a difference even matters.

I have very mixed feelings on this book. On one hand I enjoyed the imagery and the magical feel the author creates as you, the reader, float between the main characters dreams, reality and history. On the other hand, I found myself growing weary and wanting to scream “GET TO THE POINT”.

The book read very much like an actual dream that winds around, up and down and doesn’t always make much sense but is woven together by pieces of commonality. I read the reviews prior to diving into the book so I knew what to expect. Readers were clear that there was not much of a plot to this book and if you need a clear beginning, middle and end that this was not the book for you. They were right, and I think this knowledge going in, kept me from disliking book.

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