Yesterday was one of those perfect days, a day of mindfulness, being present and one where I felt gratitude throughout. I’d like to articulate all the thoughts and appreciation that ran through my mind but I’m not sure I can, so I apologize for the lack of cohesiveness in this post as I am in a stream of consciousness kind of a mood.

I was off of work and the day started with a slow cup of coffee. Conversation with my hubby, knowing each other well, supporting each other, dreaming together and knowing what the other would say before the words ever left lips.

At the local park, I went for a trail ride, just Tucker and I. We saw a fox and a hawk and many many butterflies. Spring is here, everything is waking up. I love this horse. He is part of my soul. We meandered, I had no particular plan, just to be together. I know it is a big ask to take him alone to the woods, no other horses, no friends to draw safety from. Ask him to trust me, to be self-confident, he does it often and he does it well but I will not lose sight of the gift that it is.

Back home to take care of some chores, some work around the barn. Hang out in the pasture, watch the herd interact, soak up the sun. No agenda, again just to be. Wander up to the neighbors take some pictures of her tulips. I’d been admiring them from afar. I can see them from our barn.

Off to the Greenway for a camera club. Going early, to beat traffic, camera in hand, will use the extra time to take some pictures. I stopped for a treat on the way. Frozen custard…YUM.

I love my camera club. Lots of good people, fun people and lots of talent and artistic expression within. We talked of camera bodies. What are the differences, what do you really need, what are you goals and the tools to get you there. I went to a dreamy headspace of up upgraded gear. We looked at our still life images, the project given to us the month before. Everyone is honest, and kind, the feedback is helpful.

I get home after camera club. It’s late, but I don’t want to go to bed. I want to stay up and wait for hubby to come home. I want to go through my images taken from my perfect perfect day.

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