Caring For Raptors

This weekend I had the opportunity to photograph at an organization that rescues injured and sick raptors, rehabs and releases them when they can or cares for and keeps them in captivity when they cannot.

Each morning of the event, they pull the birds out of their enclosures, give flight demonstrations and also perch the animals in picturesque stationary settings so people can grab pretty shots they normally cannot get through the fences.

The first day I focused on the birds only, looking at expression, coloring and markings and waiting the perfect pose. I knew I wanted to change things up for Sunday, focus on something other than the birds alone.

I decided to focus on the relationship the trainers had with their birds. I heard one of them talking the day before that they limit the amount of people who handle each bird so that they can form bonds, maintain consistency and not upset the animals by a lot of change. There is no doubt that the handlers genuinely care for and respect the raptors in their charge. I chose to see if I could capture that. How’d I do?

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