A Conversation With Tucker

While I was bringing him in from the pasture:

T: Why are you out here so early? I haven’t had enough time to eat hay and you haven’t drank enough coffee.

Me: I know. But it is going to rain in 2 hours through the rest of the weekend. We can eat hay and drink coffee then.

T: The deer haven’t settled for the day yet, I can hear them crashing through the woods. I’m worried.

Me: It’s fine. We are riding in the arena this morning, they will not come in there.

During tacking up:

T: I noticed you haven’t written a blog post about me in a while.

Me: I just wrote a haiku about you.

T: That wasn’t about me, that was about honeysuckle. It made no mention of how amazing I am. How still I stood while you fiddled with your camera, how awesomely I posed and how I didn’t run away to eat grass.

Me: It was inspired by a ride I had with you.

T: NOT.THE.SAME. Did you know that Ma Leueen lets Biasini have access to the keyboard. He gets to write his very own posts. Besides I was the reason you started the blog, now all you do is post pictures on it.

Me: You’re right. I’ll write a post about you today while it is raining.

T: Finally some sense.

Me: Where is the other bridle?

T: You better find it. Richard told you I like that bridle better. I like Richard, he’s a smart guy, he makes you a better rider and he is funny.

Me: I like him too. That’s why I haul a long distance and pay gobs of money so we can ride with him.

During the ride:

Me: You feel good today buddy, but your pushing through my hands and hollowing out during the transitions.

T: It’s your fault.

Me: I don’t think it is. We worked on this at the last lesson. I had Richard critique my form, ask, hands. He said it is YOU. You need to build those muscles, stop taking the easy way out.

T: Richard is dumb, we should stop riding with him.

Me: Also when we do a simple change you are actually supposed to switch the lead you are on.

T: Counter-canter is a very advanced. You should be pleased I am offering it to you.

Me: You are right, let’s counter-canter a small circle…a few laps later…would you like to change leads now?


During the cool down as we rode down our road:

T: Mom! That man is pushing a very scary machine around his front yard. I think it is going to eat us.

Me: It’s a lawn mower. You’re fine.

Upon our arrival home:

Me: Look we still need to bring the trash can in. Think we can manage it?

T: No. That’s a dumb idea.

Me: Oh come on! We can do it. It has wheels we can either drag it down or push it along.


Me: It’s working. It’s not pretty, but we’re doing it!!!!!

T: Dad is watching through the window. He thinks you are ridiculous!!!!!!!!!

Me: Whatever. At least now he doesn’t have to do it.

After the ride:

Me: I love you buddy. You are the best horse ever.

T: Can I go eat now?

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