A Conversation With Tucker

Me: Hey Bud! How are you this morning?

Tucker: Good Mom. I like the mornings. It’s cooler and the bugs aren’t as bad as they are through the rest of the day.

Me: I like them too. It’s why I’m out here at the crack of dawn on the weekends. It is also why I changed my schedule at work on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so that I can go in later and you & I can ride together before the heat and humidity set in.

Tucker: Will you do this forever?

Me: No. Just until the end of the Summer. When it cools a bit and starts getting dark early, I will go back to getting off earlier so we can ride in the afternoons. I’m fortunate to have flexibility at my job.

Tucker: We haven’t been going as many places as we usually do.

Me: It’s true. Our off property trail rides and adventures this Summer have gone down from twice a week to two or three times a month. There are a lot of reasons for that. Heat has been one of them. A lot of your equine friends are lame or sick, my human friends have been busy with other things and it has been hard to coordinate a group ride. My motivation to haul out and ride alone is a lot less when it is this hot out, that’s why we’ve just been riding here so much. Do you miss going places?

Tucker: I miss my friends and the excitement of different places, but I really like this too. I like it just being us. I like the pace of our rides and the bonding. The focus is just on us and there aren’t other horses or people to think about. I like that. I like that you are riding me a lot and focusing on some of the intricacies of our communication.

Me: I like all of those things too, buddy. I’m surprised actually. I anticipated this Summer was going to be a bit of a slow season for getting off property and I thought I would really struggle and get bored just riding at home, but, I love being with you, riding you and hanging out with you. “Where” we ride is really not as important as the fact that I’m getting time with you.

Me: Alright Big, This is a lovely chat, but I really need to get ready for work.

Tucker: See you tonight. Can I have a cookie?

3 thoughts on “A Conversation With Tucker

  1. Hello Tucker.My name is Biasini. I get one day a week when Ma Leueen takes me out to the forest. We have it pretty hot here too and tomorrow is the day we get a break from the arena work and hit the forest trails. We usually go alone because the other humans are fussing about the bugs. But Ma Leueen puts some herb stuff on me and has a horse tail fly swatter and so we are not bothered to much by bugs. Enjoy your summer Tucker.

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    1. It is soooo good for us to get out of the arena. Even though Mom has not hauled me out as much lately, she does take me down our road and through our pastures a lot. I like the road, the human neighbors come out and pet my neck.

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