A Conversation With Tucker

T: Whoa, it is dark out. Are you early for our morning ride?

Me: No Buddy, I’m on time. Summer is coming to an end. It is staying dark later.

T: Ending???? You could have fooled me. It’s hot!!!!

Me: I know, but regardless of the temperatures we will probably only do these morning rides until the end of August.

T: What is going to happen then?

Me: I’ll change my schedule back to normal. Hopefully the afternoons will be cooler and I’ll ride you after work instead of before.

T: I like the mornings. It is quiet. When we ride down the road we get to chat with our neighbor that walks to start the day. You give me a nice long time to warm up while you drink your coffee. The sunrises are beautiful and I enjoy to hear the birds sing while we work together.

Me: I like them too. This Summer has been really good. Different but amazing. On one hand, we didn’t camp as much as we normally do and it has been really hard to get to ride with our friends. Everyone has been busy with other commitments or had sick/lame horses or broken trucks. On the other hand, I have loved this time of just us. The consistency of our morning work has got you in really good shape and you have some of the best self carriage you’ve ever had and your posture buddy…you are really figuring out how to use your body. Not to mention that on my days off, you and I head to the local trails to enjoy the peace of having the woods all to ourselves. You have just felt so good to ride!!!!

I won’t miss this heat and humidity but, there are definitely parts of Summer that I AM going to miss.

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