LPM – Photo Adventure – City Life

September has come and gone and as we enter into a new month it is time to introduce a new theme for my “LPM – Go On A Photo Adventure” Challenge.

I hope you enjoy the new theme: CITY LIFE

I will not be inundating you with a post per day as I did last month with the BBBM&B posts, this will give me a chance to get back to participating in some of the challenges put on by my fellow bloggers.

Come play along this month and take me up on my challenge to go on a photo adventure. You can post once or multiple times throughout the month. You can find all the details HERE. But to sum it up, here is what you need to know:

  • It’s monthly and this month’s theme is “City Life”
  • Take new photos
  • Pingback to this post
  • Use the tag “lpmphotoadventure”
  • Leave your link in the comments
  • Have Fun!!!!!!!!!

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