A Conversation With Tucker

Tucker: I thought you took the day off so we could go trail riding. Why am I not getting on the trailer?

Me: We were, but remember all that rain we got last night? The trail systems are closed.

T: I was looking forward to getting off property, spending the day in the woods. You’ve been gone a lot.

Me: I know. I’ve been traveling. Doing a lot of vacationing. Trips that unfortunately have not included you.

T: What’s that about?

Me: Don’t take it personal. It is just how the cards fell this year. It is not like you’ve been standing around doing nothing. We are right on track for the NWF Throwdown Challenge.

T: Remind me what that is again.

Me: 21 hours in 43 days…the last big party before the time changes.

T: That’s cool. When are you going out of town again?

Me: Not for a couple of weeks. And guess what??????? The next trip will include YOU!!! In fact, I don’t have any travel plans between now and the end of the year that don’t include you.

T: ’bout time you got your priorities straight.

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