A Conversation With Pony


Me: We are herding you through obstacles. Using the principles of pressure and release to help you understand how we want you to navigate them.

Pony: I’m not a frickin’ cow!!!!!!

Me: I understand that, but since I don’t have any actual cattle, this is a fun game for Tucker & I to play.

Pony: Stop it!

Me: You’re smarter than a cow and you already understand how this works, you should figure these obstacles out easily. Besides, it is good exercise and training for you.

Pony: WHEEEEEEE…I’m faster, I can toss my head, act sassy and just run away…WHEEEEEEE

Me: You’re not faster and it is not about speed. And yes you can run away, that is the point but eventually I think you will find doing the obstacles is a much easier path.

Pony: Can’t catch me

Me: /sigh

Pony: How does he know where I am going??? How does he cut me off??? How does he catch me every time???

Me: Tucker is very good at this. He loves these kind of games…by all means he would much rather you act sassy.

Pony: Which obstacle would you like me to do next?

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