A Conversation With Tucker

Tucker: I noticed you getting the trailer ready for a trip. Are we going somewhere?

Me: We are supposed to be.

Tucker: When?

Me: I’m not actually sure. We are supposed to be leaving in a couple hours but I’m conflicted about going today. The forecast has solid rain predicted today and tomorrow with potential for severe storms. Also I’ve tried twice to reach out to the host of the ride with some questions, that I need answered before we leave, and no one is responding to me.

Tucker: What are we supposed to be doing on this trip?

Me: Camping and trail riding with a bit of a twist. They have a scavenger hunt by horseback planned, trail obstacles, haunted trail ride and The Clue game from the saddle. I’m also supposed dress up for Halloween and decorate my campsite.

Tucker: That sounds fun! Who is going with us?

Me: Well that is another thing…I don’t know. I signed up for this alone. I don’t know anyone else that is going.

Tucker: I won’t have friends?

Me: I’m sure there will be other riders and horses, I just don’t know who they are.

Tucker: So what is the plan?

Me: I guess I’ll check weather.com ONE…MORE…TIME, because maybe the forecast has changed in the last 45 minutes.

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